Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig

baner_117-800x602When it comes to achieving healthy weight loss, you can trust both Nutrisystem Inc and Jenny Craig. Both these diet planners offer low-calorie diet meals to its members. Meals are precooked and packaged and then delivered directly to dieters’ homes. This makes them very convenient for consumers who do not get the time to cook healthy meals for their families. All meals are wholesome and nutritious, packed with important ingredients. Using the prevailing Nutrisystem coupons the dieters can diet on a budget. Meals are also tasty besides being nutritious, and both diet planners offer a variety of exciting menus to choose from. You can study some points of comparison between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig diet plans to choose the one which suits your health needs, budget and lifestyle.

Nutrisystem Vs Jenny Craig:


Differences Nutrisystem Jenny Craig
Online convenience


Nutrisystem meals can be ordered through the company website and you do not have to physically travel to their centers. Members enjoy absolute convenience when it comes to ordering Nutrisystem diet plans because payments are made online and the 28-day shipment of meals is delivered directly to the dieter’s home. Jenny Craig provides its diet plans and counseling services both in dietary centers located all across the US and through the company website. You may need to drive down to their centers to get diet advice and counseling tips.


With Nutrisystem you are not obligated to continue eating their diet meals for any prefixed time period. You can choose to discontinue their products any time and even get a refund in case there is a money back guarantee. Jenny Craig in comparison demands a contract from its consumers because it does not encourage discontinuance of their programs.
Variety of meal plans


Nutrisystem offers a huge variety of meal plans for men and women, for vegans, for kids and seniors, for diabetics etc. All meal plans are customizable and you can include your own dietary preferences. Jenny Craig is comparison will provide separate meal plans for men and women and also plans depending on your age group. However, unlike Nutrisystem, there are no specialized meal plan options for vegetarians or for diabetics.
Menu choices Nutrisystem offers more than 150 menu choices. You can choose from both shelf stable foods and gourmet meals. Jenny Craig offers only a limited 80 menu choices for its members. Jenny Craig does not offer healthy snack options for members.
Convenience and taste



Nutrisystem meals can be stored easily because they are shelf stable foods. Only the Nutrisystem Select meal plans offer gourmet meals which must be kept frozen.

In terms of taste too, Nutrisystem meals are highly rated by customers. You can always order for single meals to check out the taste before you order for the entire month.

Jenny Craig meals are typically frozen diet meals which must be stored in the freezer before being consumed.Taste wise too, Jenny Craig meals are found to be bland and boring like regular diet meals.
Online Support You can monitor their weight loss progress using handy online tools like weight trackers and diet charts on the Nutrisystem website. You can avail of 24×7 online counseling through phone, email, live chat options etc. To monitor your progress, members must visit the Jenny Craig center. Members can expect to get their queries answered only through emails and phone calls.

This comparison reveals that both diet planners offer effective and affordable weight loss solutions but where meal choices, taste, support tools, flexibility and customization of meals are concerned, Nutrisystem appears to have an edge over Jenny Craig.